Necessary Evil


A New Omega Cell is formed...

Vedmak, The Grey Fox, TriBot and Psicopath found themselves captured by the V’sori. After being rescued by Dr. Destruction the new team was given a simple choice – undertake missions for the resistance for fall to their deaths…

The villains quickly agreed. Crashing through the ceiling of a temporary detention center the team was able to quickly defeat the guards and free the prisoners which among others included their target MindJack (a mutant who held valuable information Destruction needed) and a young mutant woman named Valerie Ramirez.

Destruction’s team returned to the base and EVAC’d the team and some of the prisoners before further patrols could respond.

Dr. Destruction informed the team of their new responsibilities and set them off to fend for themselves.


Don’t forget the Magician then came and saved the day (after pausing for a dramatic entrance due to a critical failure).

mattwsutton mattwsutton

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