The Magician

An ancient student of sorcery and magic has been recruited to save the world against the invaders.


Agility d6
Smarts d8
Spirit d8
Strength d4
Vigor d6

Fighting d4
Knowledge (Arcane Magic) d8
Knowledge (Non-Arcane Magic) d8
Notice d6
Persuasion d6
Spellcasting d12
Shooting d6

Heartless (minor)
All Thumbs (minor)
Overconfident (major)
Vow (kill the forces of Merlin & Arthur) (major)

Power Points

Ageless (2)
Super Sorcery 5 (15)
Super Skill +3 (3)


Malduc Cynbel, named after his grandfather who was killed by Lancelot, is better known today as Martin Smith or simply, the Magician. Malduc was once a student of Morgan Le Fey. With her defeat by Merlin and the forces of Arthur and the dead of her nephew Mordred, Malduc went into hiding for hundreds of years, sometimes passing himself off as a fortune teller, a storyteller and in the 20th century an illusionist in Las Vegas. One of his proudest moments was writing some prophecies for a 16th century doctor. He has had to always stay one step ahead of the minions of Merlin and Arthur and rarely showed his true power until recent events forced him too.

Martin, who rarely uses his birth name, was recruited to join other nefarious villains to help save the world. An irony that would have made his old teacher laugh until mead shot out of her nostrils. He fights willing to help free the world from it’s shackles, but his true hatred is saved only for the forces of Merlin and Arthur.

Martin is overconfident, but he can back up his actions with an impressive display of power. He is by no means the the most powerful sorcerer or magician that has ever lived, but he strives to reach the power of his grandfather and Morgan. He is charismatic, which has served him well as a showman and gotten himself out of a few jams over the centuries. He rarely speaks a language for long, but has learned over the years to get by, no matter where in the world he has travelled.

The Magician

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